Protein Contact Map and Distance Matrix Prediction

RaptorX-Contact is a web server that predicts contact map and distance matrix of a protein sequence without using any templates. It applies an ultra-deep convolutional residual neural network to predict contacts and distance and works particularly well on proteins without many sequence homologs. This method works by predicting the contact/distance matrix as a whole instead of predicting one residue pair independent of the others, so that structure motifs and long-range correlation can be used to greatly improve accuracy. This server also predicts the tertiary structure of the input sequence by feeding predicted distance and torsion angles into CNS as restraints. RaptorX-Contact was ranked 1st in contact prediction in both CASP12 and CASP13. See here for an official ranking list published by the CASP12 assessors and 1, 2 for the method description.

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: DO NOT build 3D models to greatly speed up

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Job policy
To maximize the utility of the server to the community at large the following limits on job submission for each user are enforced.
  • Please submit up to 50 protein sequences (in the FASTA format) in a batch for prediction. If your email box cannot receive a large attachment file, please submit a SMALL number of sequences in a batch. Otherwise the result package may be too big to be received.
  • Please SAVE the assigned JobID for retrieval of job results, especially when an email address is not provided in submission.
  • Each user can have no more than 500 sequences pending prediction at any time.
  • Should you have a special project that requires more resources, please contact us to inquire further.